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Haven Counselling & Hypnotherapy

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Supporting locally owned businesses is so important to community. Niagara Region Metis Council wish to take that even further by offering "Metis Owned Businesses" a platform to link their Facebook Pages and/or Websites to our Page.

We are not affiliated with the companies posted on this page, it is merely a tool for all of us to see Metis owned businesses that we can choose to support in our local communities. Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. If you would like your business website or Facebook Page linked here email us at [email protected] and provide us with your citizenship #, business name, and link(s) to your website and/or Facebook Page.

The Metis Voyageur Development Fund ("MVDF") was created in 2010 as part of a Framework Agreement that was negotiated between MNO and the province of Ontario. At this time the MVDF was seeded with $30M to provide equity and investment support to Metis businesses in the resource development sector. For more information or to learn more about the MVDF, please visit the MVDF website by clicking here.



Bluewater Flower Farm

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Fonthill Family Fruit Farm

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CJ's Foot Oasis

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