Metis Nation of Ontario Resources

Education knowledge is so important to community and helping you find resources is important to us.

Please ensure that you read the Metis Nation of Ontario's ("MNO") Education and Training page that you can get to through this here

​MNO's Education and Training page linked above, will take you to links for K-12 Education Support, Post-Secondary Education, Early Learning & Child Care, Metis Employment Programs, Metis Training Programs, Educational and Cultural Camps and Branch Contacts.

Not only that, but you will find a link to an MNO video program showcase here. The links on the showcase page show you what programs MNO has to offer and each link takes you to a You Tube video outlining each program, explaining how each program works.

Ontario Provincial Government

The Ontario Provincial government's website has a page for Indigenous education in Ontario. It is a great place to educate yourself on Indigenous education in Ontario and you can find their webpage on this initiative here.

Indigenous Education Council ("IEC")

The IEC provides input on Indigenous Education, Curriculum & Initiatives.

The Niagara Region has 3 representatives for the various educational institutes in the Niagara Region.

Currently the IEC representatives are:

  • Derrick Pont for Niagara College;
  • Brooke Wiens for Brock University; and
  • Connie Johnson for the 2 school Boards Niagara Catholic District School Board ("NCDSB") and District School Board for Niagara ("DSBN")

The role of an IEC representative is to be the voice of the Metis for the IEC that they sit in (the educational institute).

It is important that First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities be involved in working with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Ministry of Colleges and Universities to ensure that the inclusion of Indigenous content and curriculum.

The IECs allow Metis to be involved and have a direct say in Indigenous Education Decisions. IECs are focused on supporting First Nation, Metis and Inuit students' with their academic success - so important!

The IEC representatives noted above are the communication links between community, council and the IEC they sit on. The IEC representatives do not need to be elected members of council, but must be a Metis Nation of Ontario citizen and have the approval of the Niagara Region Metis Council to act on their behalf as the IEC rep. If you would like to get involved, please contact our Council. Or if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like passed on to the IECs noted above, give us your feedback and we will share it with the appropriate IEC. You can reach us through our Location Page on our website, where you will find a Contact Form.

It is important that all students learn about Metis history and culture.